Best Places to Invest in Little Rock, Arkansas

Best Places to Invest in Little Rock, Arkansas

Looking for the best places to invest in Little Rock?

In the heart of the state, built along the Arkansas River, lies the capital city of Little Rock, Arkansas. 

A city known for its libraries, distilleries, and good, old-fashioned, southern charm, Little Rock is a central hub for the state and the most populous area in all of Arkansas. And considering the city has a  steadily growing population, it might just be the best place for your next investment. 

With relatively steady rental rates and properties that are typically far below the national average in terms of home prices, Little Rock is the perfect place for investors.

However, it’s an expansive area with many different neighborhoods and suburbs to choose from, some that investors may not even be aware of. In this article, we’ll list some of the best places to invest in Little Rock and what type of properties, neighborhoods, and price ranges you can expect there. 

Downtown Little Rock

Where is it located?

Starting off our list in the heart of the city, close to all the conveniences Little Rock has to offer, the downtown neighborhood is a popular area for families and young professionals alike. 

Close to all the major highways, as well as McArthur park, residents of downtown Little Rock are a short commute away from everything, making it perfect for those looking to keep their circle small and have all their favorite conveniences close by. 

What types of properties are available?

Even though it’s technically a city center, the nature of downtown Little Rock is more suburban, offering a variety of different property types.

A majority of the homes available are B-class, single-family homes that are priced about average for the city, though. Most properties are 4-bed, 2.5-bath and on large lots, especially considering the area. 

But there is a mix of historic homes available, as well as newly renovated homes for sale, so there is something for every kind of investor. 

What other benefits are there? 

Downtown also contains Philander Smith University, making it an ideal place to own a rental property. The students and faculty of the university mixed with the families and professionals of the city keep the area in high demand for renters. 

With the abundance of shops, dining, and entertainment available to residents, the downtown area remains desirable for anyone looking to stay in the city center. 

Cammack Village

Where is it located?

Venturing outside of the city center, approximately 10 minutes northwest of downtown, is the neighborhood known as Cammack Village. Given its location in Little Rock, Cammack Village sits right along the Arkansas River and accompanying greenspaces. 

The neighborhood is home to The Country Club of Little Rock as well as a wide variety of parks for residents to enjoy. 

What types of properties are available?

The homes in Cammack Village are largely A-class, single-family homes with 4+ bedrooms. Homes in this neighborhood are priced above average for the city of Little Rock, but the higher price tag ensures a large pool of well-qualified residents to choose from when it comes to finding tenants.  

There is a mix of new builds and renovated homes for sale, however there are still a few older homes at a lower price point available, for investors looking to get their foot in the door and either renovate or find rent-ready homes. 

What other benefits are there?

Cammack Village is home to some of the best schools in Little Rock, which means the area is highly desirable for families. This mixed with its proximity to downtown means there is an abundance of residents looking to keep their commute short while enjoying the benefits of living in an affluent suburb. 

Park Hill Historic District 

Where is it located?

Park Hill Historic District is located across the river from Little Rock and is just 12 minutes from the downtown area. Park Hill is technically part of North Little Rock however, given its easy access to the city, it stands as its own popular historic suburb. 

Residents of the neighborhood also have access to the Lakewood area and the two lakes within the city, as well as the many greenspaces that surround them.  

What types of properties are available?

The properties available are primarily historic, C-class, single-family homes that are priced lower than average for the city of Little Rock. This makes Park Hill the perfect place for investors who are looking to get their foot in the door and aren’t afraid of a property in need of a little TLC. 

The area is also popular for renters, which means it's a sweet spot for investors looking for high returns and a rental unit that is in demand. 

What other benefits are there?

The historic charm of Park Hill Historic District is one of the main draws for residents of Little Rock. Of course, proximity to the city and affordability are added benefits for renters and investors alike when searching for properties. 

Park Hill also has close access to the expansive Burns Park, which means residents have a wide variety of greenspaces to choose from when it comes to outdoor entertainment options. 


Where is it located?

Just 15 miles northeast of Little Rock lies the suburb known as Jacksonville, Arkansas. Located directly off of route 167, Jacksonville is a small suburb that offers residents a sparse, suburban neighborhood. 

Jacksonville also touches Holland Bottoms State Wildlife Management area, which offers lands for residents to hunt and fish on. 

What types of properties are available?

Given its distance from the city of Little Rock, the properties in Jacksonville typically come with larger lot sizes, with lower price tags than similar homes within the city. 

Mostly made up of B-class, single-family homes, Jacksonville is the perfect place for residents looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

What other benefits are there?

Strong property values and solid B-class properties are among the greatest draws in Jacksonville. The low prices make it an excellent market to buy into, while the high population of renters ensures that your property will remain in demand for years to come.

All of these factors plus proximity to downtown, as well as a plethora of parks, greenspaces, and wildlife areas, make Jacksonville a desirable area for not only investors but renters as well.


Where is it located?

The final location on our list is the suburb of Maumelle. Just 20 minutes northwest of the city and across the iconic Big Dam Bridge, this neighborhood is a newer suburb of the city of Little Rock and has access to a variety of modern conveniences and outdoor spaces for residents to choose from. 

What types of properties are available?

Many of the homes available in Maumelle are A-class, single-family homes that are typical for new developments. Given its distance from the city center, even though many of these homes are newer, the pricing is still average for the city of Little Rock. 

Many of the homes available are in the 3-4 bedroom range, which makes it perfect for families with children.

What other benefits are there?

Maumelle is located on the Arkansas river and has access to a variety of parks and greenspaces for residents to enjoy. There is also a large sports complex and golf course. 

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Invest in Little Rock

Little Rock has plenty of areas for investors to choose from with a variety of features, price points, and cultures.

Among the best places to invest in Little Rock, investors can expect to find mid-level, B-class properties all the way up to those in the A-class, which provides both more affordable options and higher income opportunities.

Long story short: They each have their own unique pros and cons. To get the best feel for where you’d like to invest, it always helps to talk to an expert who has boots-on-the-ground knowledge and knows each neighborhood like the back of their hand.

Our Little Rock team is always happy to help and answer any questions you might have

If you’d like to learn more about the Little Rock market as a whole, including population insight, renal market trends, and more, download our Little Rock Market Deep Dive

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